Worst Foods for Erectile Dysfunction

James Davis

Have you ever wondered how food influences your erection? If not, it’s high time to learn more about the topic and benefit from this information. The main thing to understand is that there is a direct connection between the products you eat and your overall health, including sexual. Therefore, it’s better to pay attention to the everyday diet and switch to a healthier version to stay active and happy. In this article we will look at the worst foods that affects erectile dysfunction.

What is Erectile Dysfunction

ED is a problem that is more than common among men. Some signs of a weak erection may occur at different ages and may be related to stress or fatigue. However, if one encounters the inability to maintain an erection or even get hard regularly for half a year, this situation is diagnosed as ED.


One of the main culprits of this situation is low testosterone levels. The concentration of the main male hormone is gradually dropping due to the aging process. The results include lower libido and interest in sex and lower abilities to perform well in the bedroom.

However, this reason is not the only one. One of the following factors or their combination may cause ED:

  • certain diseases like diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertension;
  • constant stress;
  • mental disorders, including depression, anxiety and relationship problems;
  • an unhealthy diet full of fats and sugars;
  • obesity;
  • bad habits including abusing alcohol and smoking;
  • use of certain medicines.

Therefore, the patient with ED requires at first accurate examination. Without it, it’s impossible to select the proper treatment and solve the problem. In some cases, one should cure the main disease first.


When one get this diagnosis? The doctors usually consider such facts as:

  • an ability to get hard after direct sexual stimulation or relevant thoughts;
  • the time during which an erection is firm enough for sex;
  • the individual feeling of satisfaction in comparison to previous years.

In addition, a doctor may prescribe a blood test for hormones or diagnose other illnesses that lead to this condition.

Diet and Erectile Dysfunction

Now let’s discover how our diet influences an erection. First and foremost, all foods that have a bad impact on the blood vessels and blood flow, may lead to ED. Let’s see how it happens.

High-fat and processed foods

Fatty and processed foods are full of cholesterol and other saturated fats. The body requires them for normal activity but in low quantities. When their concentration grows, they are not eliminated properly and stay inside the blood vessels blocking the way for the blood.

This condition is called atherosclerosis. It badly influences all organs and also the penis. The latter requires powerful blood flow to get hard. If the blood vessels are damaged, this becomes impossible and ED develops.

Sugary and high-glycemic foods

Foods that are rich in sugars may lead to obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis. These diseases have a bad impact on the condition of the blood vessels and the overall health. Again, the blood flow becomes hindered and this prevents a normal erection.

Sodium-rich foods

Many processed and ready-made foods contain a high concentration of sodium. When the body gets more of this element than it is needed, hypertension occurs and blood vessels tend to be more constricted than it is required. Subsequently, this condition also leads to ED as hinders the process of the dilation of blood vessels, which is crucial for a firm erection.

Worst Foods for ED

Now let’s see which foods to avoid if you want to stay strong and sexually active no matter how old you are.

Red meat

Red meat is dangerous due to its high concentration of saturated fats. On the one hand, it provides essential amino acids. On the other hand, saturated fats may cause atherosclerosis. That is why it’s better to switch to healthier alternatives among the sources of proteins, for instance, fish and beans.

Refined grains

Refined grains lack fiber, vitamins and minerals. Instead, they provide lots of sugar. Thus, if whole grains are useful for health, this option is rather dangerous and unhealthy. If consuming a lot, this may lead to heart disease and obesity.


High-sodium products include ham, bacon, cheese, pizza and all processed foods. They raise the sodium level in the body that gradually leads to hypertension and related health problems, including ED.


Of course, pizza is very tasty and many of us love it. However, it is full of fats and sodium and does not bring almost any positive nutrients. That is why it’s better to avoid eating it every day. Such an approach leads only to obesity and related health problems.


Mint is not dangerous for health but it has a pronounced calming effect. Thus, it is able to decrease libido and sexual activity. If you are struggling with ED symptoms, it’s recommended to avoid calming substances. Instead, look for aphrodisiacs like ginger that can boost your libido and treat ED.

Microwavable Popcorn

Popcorn also tastes good but contains a high level of sodium and fats. If it is sweet, then it is full of sugar. This is definitely the product to avoid if you wish to stay healthy and sexually active as long as possible.

ED Treatment

Altogether, diet is more than important and helps to cure ED and balance the general condition of the body. At the same time, according to the main cause of the problem, the doctor can propose several treatment options:

  • oral medicines like Cialis. These pills can be taken before intercourse or as a daily remedy and help to get hard after sexual stimulation;
  • ED gels. They are applied directly to the penis before intercourse and also help to maintain an erection;
  • vacuum devices provide a chance for non-invasive treatment and getting hard before intercourse;
  • special injections that should be made before intercourse and have a fast effect;
  • surgical treatment and implants.

The exact scheme depends on the main cause of the problem. It may combine several remedies to achieve the best results and make the condition of the patient better.


To conclude, every day dies has a more powerful impact on our lives than we think. It influences our mood and thoughts and overall health, including our sexual sphere. Thus, even if you are not worried about the signs of ED, it’s better to switch to a healthy diet as soon as possible.

Thus, you’ll avoid numerous health issues and will lead a satisfactory and active sexual life without any problems. Make the food your friend instead of an enemy and take as much benefits from it as you can!


What foods make ED worse?

All products that are full of fats, sugar and sodium are harmful. The list includes red meat, processed products, sweets, fizzy drinks and also alcohol.

What foods help a man get hard?

For this, one should eat lots of fruits and vegetables, fatty fish and lean meat, drink enough water and avoid processed foods.

How can I make my Pennis strong?

Lead a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet, regular physical exercises and enough rest. All this contributes greatly to your sexual health.

Do bananas help erectile dysfunction?

Yes, bananas are useful for men. However, they do not solve the problem of ED completely.