How to Get an Erection Without Meds

James Davis

If you think over all the factors that contribute to a strong erection, you might be actually surprised how it is really possible. This process is a complicated combination of physiology and psychology, the influence of hormones and your mood and overall health. That is the reason why getting hard may be challenging at different times.

In addition, when some links of this chain are imbalanced, the whole system suffers. That’s why it’s worth knowing all the secrets of a strong erection and ways to get it firm whenever you need it.

Understanding Erections

To begin with, erection is a physiological process that starts in the brain after sexual stimulation. Thus, the brain plays a key role in sending appropriate signals to other centers to release hormones and to the cardiovascular system to respond and change its work.
Thus, we can admit that there is a pure physiological process on the one hand and a direct influence on your mood on the other hand.

Role of blood flow

To get hard, the penis needs to experience a rush of the blood into it. This happens when the body sends corresponding signals to blood vessels, they dilate and let in a sufficient amount of blood to maintain erection.

This process may be hindered in case of atherosclerosis and other problems with blood vessels. In this case, such medicines as Cialis Professional are helpful. These pills block the enzyme that participates in the constriction of blood vessels. Thus, they dilate easier and the whole process goes smoother.

Nervous system involvement

At the same time, an erection starts in the brain. It stimulates all other body parts. Therefore, the cardiovascular system may function properly but without proper signals, it’ll not be able to provide the desired effect.

That is the reason why erectile dysfunction may be a result of stress, depression or anxiety. In this case, the connection between the brain and reproductive system gets worse and there is no proper communication to get hard even after stimulation.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The aging process is often considered the main cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). That’s generally true that first signs of such problems men start to experience after their 40s and later the situation only worsens.

The hormonal system really changes its work as we become older. However, numerous factors contribute to its activity and influence the possibility of getting hard. That is why those men who take care of their health enjoy high libido and sexual activity for longer than others do.

Psychological factors

As we have already mentioned, psychological well-being matters a lot in questions of sex drive and the ability to maintain erection. If a person suffers from stress, painful events, anxiety disorder or depression, the brain is not able to control sexual life properly and does not respond with arousal to the stimulation.

That is the reason why mental well-being is so important and requires our constant attention.


A sedentary lifestyle without regular physical activity is another factor that badly influences overall health and the sexual sphere. When the body is not fit enough, it also loses the ability to perform well in the bedroom.

Furthermore, a sedentary lifestyle combined with smoking, abusing alcohol and eating unhealthy food results in obesity, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. This, in turn, hinders the physiological response to sexual stimulation and leads to ED in the long run.

Medical conditions

Certain diseases also make chances for ED higher, namely:

  • atherosclerosis;
  • heart diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes;
  • obesity.

These conditions badly influence the condition of blood vessels. They are especially fragile in the penis and that is why suffer more than other body parts. Actually, problems with getting hard may be a signal of cardiovascular issues long before the stroke or severe hypertension.

How to Get an Erection Without Drugs

Now, as far as we are aware of the main causes of this problem, we can better understand how to cope with it. It is crucial to overcome all the possible causes and prevent their bad influence. This is possible with the help of the following advice.

Lifestyle Changes

What does it mean to lead a healthy life? The answer is to try and find the balance in all that you do and feel satisfied with your performance in all areas of life. Thus, consider the time you work and rest, including regular exercising and talk to your partner about the quality of your sexual life.

If some areas of life bring you a lot of stress, think about overcoming this condition. This does not mean that one should avoid stress completely but its levels should be reasonable and do not lead to exhaustion or depression.

Diet and nutrition

A healthy diet is a must-have for the normal condition of blood vessels and proper work of the cardiovascular system. It should contain more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats.

Avoid consuming too much sugar and processed food. Quit smoking and do not abuse alcohol. It may sound simple but it’s not an easy thing to do in our modern world full of unhealthy but tasty products. Therefore, one needs some time to comply with a healthy diet that is satisfactory and has a positive impact on health.

Reduce stress

Persistent stress badly influences the condition of the brain and the whole body. It may lead to depression and anxiety disorder. All this makes mind-blowing sex impossible as in such a condition there is no way for natural arousal. Therefore, take care of your mental health and apply mindfulness practices like meditation and breathing techniques into your routine.

Sleep and rest

On average, a person needs to have approximately 7 hours of sleep every night. Without it, the body does not get enough rest and becomes more prone to various health issues. Lack of sleep results in a lack of energy and activity, including sexual. Thus, do not neglect this natural need.

Exercise Regularly

Do your best to overcome a sedentary lifestyle. For instance, take short breaks every few hours, walk a bit while answering phone calls and do not use elevators whenever possible.

Furthermore, select the type of physical activity you prefer and make it a regular part of your life. This can be jogging, lifting weights, swimming, cycling, yoga or dancing. Such activities make you both healthier and happier.

Pelvic floor exercises

In addition, train your pelvic floor muscles by tightening them a few times per day. These muscles are located under the penis and are important for proper arousal.

Natural Remedies

Some herbal supplements like ginseng and ginkgo may improve libido and erections. One should take them for quite a long period of time and there is only a small scientific evidence on the effect. Still, they are beneficial for overall health and can also boost your confidence.

Devices and Equipment

To draw more blood into the penis and cause an erection, vacuum erection devices were created. The idea is to place a special tube over the penis and create a vacuum that helps in getting hard. When the effect is reached, the constriction band is put on the base of the penis for maintaining an erection.

This approach works well but requires accuracy and following instructions to avoid injuries and other bad consequences.

Psychological Factors

Do not neglect the importance of your mental state for your sexual life. That is why, while experiencing ED or other issues, it is recommended to talk to a psychologist. Such sessions are more than useful for mental well-being, help to reduce stress and overcome various psychological problems that may influence the sexual life.

Masturbate Regularly

Frequent erections are good for penile performance because they help to maintain the elasticity of tissues and blood vessels. That is why masturbate when you feel an urge. Take breaks only before intercourse to save energy.


Every man wishes to feel a sex drive and perform well in the bedroom. For this, it’s worth to consider your lifestyle and make it healthier and more active. Of course, a special pill can make you hard at any moment. Still, a healthy lifestyle is a worthy contribution to the overall condition of the body. It helps to avoid many diseases and also enjoy a strong erection no matter how old are you.


How can I get a full erection naturally?

For this, one should exercise regularly and train pelvic floor muscles, switch to a healthy diet and quit bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking. It is important to balance work and rest and avoid excessive stress.

How do I get hard again ASAP?

The quick effect is achieved using medicines and special supplements. Still, it is also recommended to correct lifestyle and stick to healthy habits.

How can I fix my erection at home?

Improve your diet, add more fruits, vegetables, lean meat, grains and nuts. Experiment with aphrodisiacs such as ginseng and ginkgo. Exercise regularly and take care of your mental health.