How Many Erections Per Day?

James Davis

Men sometimes think about the number of erections they should have during the day. Actually, there are different answers to this question but there is no normal value. Everything depends on the individual, his health condition and numerous other factors that we consider here in detail and with useful explanations.

What is an Erection?

When the penis becomes hard and ready for intercourse, this condition is called erection. The arousal usually starts in the brain that starts to send appropriate signals to the genitals. As a result, blood vessels of the penis dilate and blood rushes inside filling the organ. The visible effect that is observed is called erection.

Psychogenic Erection

This type appears without any physical stimulation or even touching the penis. For instance, fantasies or thinking about sex can lead to it at any point during the day.

Reflexogenic Erections

When there is direct stimulation of the penis or other sensitive parts of the body, it also answers with an erection.

Nocturnal Erections

The third type is observed while a man is fully asleep. Such erections may happen 3-5 times per night and may be caused by dreams.

How Many Erections per Day is Normal?

There is no such number that is considered normal for every man. Some days may proceed without an erection, and at the other, one may experience them several times. The more important is the satisfaction of its duration and firmness and its appearance whenever it is needed.

If you’re aroused when you feel the need for it and then you have good sex, then, it’s nothing to worry about even if it happens only once a few days. There is no direct connection between their number and probable dysfunction.

Factors Influencing Erection Frequency

An erection is a sophisticated process that involves different parts of the body starting from the brain and ending with the penis. Let’s see what influences their occurrence the most.

Hormonal fluctuations

One of the main factors that control the condition of the men’s reproductive system is testosterone. When the concentration of this male hormone is high, erections are more frequent. This is exactly what happens during puberty. The hormonal level rises and boys start to experience their first erections. And vice versa the aging process and decrease of the level of hormones lead to fewer erections.

Psychological factors

Confidence and a good mood are also crucial for the ability to maintain a firm erection. That is why permanent stress and difficult periods in life have a bad impact on the quality and quantity of erections.

Medications and medical conditions

Certain diseases hinder the natural process of occurrence of an erection. They include diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension and obesity.

As for medicines, all those that inhibit the activity of the central nervous system also decrease the number of erections. These are, for instance, sleeping pills and sedatives.


As we have already mentioned, the aging process contributes to the lowering of sex drive and frequency of erections. This happens due to the changes in the hormonal balance, as well as diseases that may occur and make an overall health worse.

How Does Erectile Dysfunction Affect Erections?

There are numerous reasons for ED. In any case, this condition means that an erection does not occur after arousal or it is too weak and short to have good sex. Such medicines as Cialis Professional solve this problem as they help to dilate blood vessels and make the penis full of blood and as hard as a stone.

Improving Erection Health

Furthermore, if you wish to have long and strong erections, it is important to pay enough attention to your overall health and lead a well-balanced healthy lifestyle. The following advice represents a worthy beginning and will definitely have a positive impact on your health.

Diet and nutrition

To maintain men’s health it is recommended to build up a diet of lean meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts and plant oils, grains and natural juices. The products that should be eliminated from an everyday diet include soft drinks, highly processed food and fatty and sugary food.

In addition, it is better to quit smoking and not abuse alcoholic beverages. Both these bad habits damage blood vessels and lead to various cardiovascular diseases, which, in turn, ruin the ability to maintain a firm erection.

Regular exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is also a killer for proper erections. Actually, it leads to numerous health issues. That is why, it is advisable to select the activity you like the most and add it to your routine. No matter, what it is – jogging, swimming, hiking, yoga, dancing or lifting weights – it must be regular and bring you not only a fit body but also joy.

Moreover, there are special Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor muscles. They are located behind the penis and are important for the quality of erections.


Altogether, there is no such value as a standard amount of erections for a day. Their amount may vary greatly to the condition of the body, mood, everyday stress, communication with partner, etc. The doctors recommended to pay attention to quality more than to quantity. As long as your erections occur when you need them and satisfy you with their duration and firmness, there is nothing to worry about.


How often should you get hard a day?

On average, up to 10 erections per day are considered normal. Still, there is no definite number for everyone because it is an individual characteristic.

How often do guys get morning wood?

This depends on the individual so it may happen every day or rarely. If an erection is firm enough and lasts long, then, there is nothing to worry about.

How long can the average man stay erect?

The time varies from several minutes up to half an hour.

Is it good to erect every time?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with it because an erection may happen as a response to both physiological or psychological stimulation.